Systematic Security design, supply, install and support leading-edge networking solutions, incorporating passive and active networking, wireless technology.


Structured wiring is an organised arrangement of high-quality cables and connections that distribute services throughout the home or business.  Today a structured wiring system is the technological foundation of any modern business or home’s infrastructure. It helps to provide reliable voice, video, and data communications for hundreds of applications and more.

Whether you’re installing surveillance cameras, access control readers and locks, or data servers, you’ll need the structured cabling that goes with your new security systems. Your security hardware will always connect to the structured cabling of your building, generally designed to be forward- and backward-compatible to support all the network devices you’ll ever need.  The best time to run the cables is during construction of the building, of course, but there’s nothing that says you can’t install your security system after the fact.

Most security systems are IP-based, i.e. they use an Internet network to transmit information to the various control panels and computers.  Whether you’ve got an IP system, an older network, or a combination of both, you will still have a variety of structured cabling running through your home or business.

At Systematic Security we provide network infrastructure solutions , providing active and passive IT network solutions, structured cabling and data centre engineering services to organisations of all sizes in the public and private sector.  We design, supply, install and support leading-edge networking solutions, incorporating passive and active (Voice, LAN Switching) networking, wireless technology.  


Structured Cabling Systems, professionally designed and implemented by Systematic Security supports existing infrastructure and devices and also has the capacity to grow with new technologies and demands.

Our systems are designed to be installed and integrated with one another

We can utilise existing network infrastructure and cabling with the end goal of reducing costs and increasing intelligent functionality.