Fire detection and alarm systems involve a number of devices working together to warn people when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other emergencies are present.  Systematic Security installs and maintains fire alarm systems in all types of buildings from single room shops to large warehouses.  All of our systems are installed and certified to meet strict standards and regulations.


Fire alarm systems are one of the best investments a business can make to ensure it is protected from fire. Disruption to business can take time to replace or is irreplaceable.

Systematic Security design and install fire detection alarm systems in all types of premises, from a single shop unit to a large warehouse, ranging from conventional zoned systems for small commercial and institutional applications to large-scale analog addressable systems suitable for larger commercial and industrial sites.

All of our systems are fitted and certified to strict standards and regulations. We also offer maintenance contracts, which includes a call to site every 3 months to test the equipment.


Below are typical systems we can supply, install and commission.

  • Conventional Fire Alarm Systems – are the entry level for most fire system requirements. These alarms are suitable for small offices, nurseries, small hotels, warehouses, shops and any small business.
  • Twin Wire Fire Alarm Systems – are similar to a conventional system as they have detection zones. The main advantage being you can put sounders on the detection circuit which means you can save on the cost of having to wire additional sounder circuits.
  • Addressable Fire Alarms Systems – transmit data over the detection circuit that provides detailed information for the user including the exact location of the fire. Addressable fire alarm systems are ideal for larger premises such as hotels, office blocks and large factories.
  • Automatic Fire Detection – commonly used in most areas where a fire may occur from combustible materials such as paper, wood and textiles.
  • Wireless (Radio) Alarm Systems – the same as a standard analog addressable fire alarm system but with the advantage of no wires to interlink the detection and sounders. Wireless fire alarms are ideal for premises with multiple buildings such as schools, colleges or science parks.


All fire alarm systems can be linked to our monitoring station to provide clients with an automatic warning of fire alarm activation.

All systems are designed and installed to comply fully with IS3218 and only tried and proven fire alarm equipment is utilised.

All completed systems are fully certified in accordance with current legislation.

Our design team is happy to prepare a proposal and quotation for any fire system application you may have.