Access Control Systems are physical or electronic systems which control how and when people enter or exit an area.  They monitor the movement of people or vehicles in a restricted area, identifying individuals through the use of PIN codes on electronic keypads, cards & fobs on proximity readers.

This is the option of choice where staff numbers are high, buildings are shared and where contractors are used regularly.

At Systematic Security we can design, plan and install a system that gives you complete control over who does and who does not gain access to your premises. This can be done via keypads, proximity readers or indeed biometrics linked back to a single pc or even to a remote server.  Our systems offer robust and sophisticated access control systems e.g. proximity readers and biometric access control. Whether it’s a fully integrated access control system across multiple buildings and sites or simply a single door, Systematic Security, utilising your IP network, can design and install a tailormade solution for your business.

Electronic Systems

Our electronic systems allow an administrator to precisely define access privileges for each user and also instantly update them within the system, which is much more convenient than granting or revoking key privileges.  Entry points can be set to lock at certain times during the day and temporary access can be allowed for contractors and short-term visitors.  In case of fire, systems will be set to automatically unlock all doors so people can get safely out. It can be integrated with other systems such as fire alarms to allow this. The equipment we use is suitable for Irish weather so will work externally and internally.


Tokens, Cards, Fobs

Tokens, Cards/Fobs are issued to allow access through doors and can be easily removed or barred from the access control system if lost. Internal access can be controlled for specific people, for example, the receptionist can access all doors but can be restricted from accessing the accounts and Directors office.


Biometric Readers

Biometric readers provide a more secure system with many benefits such as monitoring attendance patterns. Unlike cards that can be lost or shared, biometrics allow accurate, reliable and efficient verification that only work with that person.


Intercom Systems

Intercom systems provide simple communication with a visitor to your property and allow remote opening of doors, gates or barriers. They can be supplemented with visual verification where it is difficult to verify who is on the other end of the phone. Wired and wireless solutions are available for a single dwelling and multi-tenant apartment blocks