TEC Security Services offers a full security consultancy solution. TEC Security is fully insured and can provide expert advice on an extensive variety of security problems to aid you in reducing the risks to your business and staff. TEC specialises in providing their client with expert analysis for some of the most complex and challenging environment, these areas include full risk assessments and security audits.


A detailed security plan, developed by a professional Security Consultant, is the first step to ensuring that your security systems and procedures are in line with current best practice and achieving value for money for the services you are purchasing. A Security Consultant can keep you up to date with the particular risks to your business or personal situation. They can advise on the measures required to minimise, mitigate or eliminate these risks wherever possible. Should you have any security related needs, we would be happy to discuss our services which are detailed below, with you in the strictest confidence.


Professional security advice is essential to manage the security of both people and property. A Security Consultant can provide a complete range of services which can be tailored to meet the client’s specific requirements. A Security Consultant will work for you to ensure that you receive the best advice on the latest security issues and .they will also bring a wealth of experience and best practice which will help both businesses and individuals.

The Security Consultant will independently assess all of the risks and provide recommendations in relation to risks which will lead to a cost effective solution to protect the assets of the client.


Clients do not always have the level of expertise required to technically evaluate the systems that they have purchased for their home or premises. Often this can be because they are not aware of the sheer number of products and systems that are available in the marketplace. In many cases the quality of the installation can cause the system to fall below the manufacturer’s requirements or the requirements of minimum standards.

A professional Security Consultant can audit your security systems to check that they meet the requirements of the Private Security Authority, An Garda Siochána, European Standard EN50131, the requirements of the standard certifying body such as CertiCs, NSAI, SSAIB, EQA, the requirements of the Insurance Industry as detailed by the Insurance Federation and industry best practice. The technical audit will provide details of the technical operation, compliance with standards, good installation practice, system usability and a determination on the value for money on the systems installed.


It is important that a business premises or residence is properly surveyed to ensure that the correct systems are installed to meet the risks. A professional Security Consultant can provide advice on the types and complexity of available systems to meet the client’s requirements. In many cases systems designed by a security company are either under-specified (as they work on lowest price) or over-specified (as they work on an element of fear).

A professional Security Consultant can provide a detailed designed system to meet the client’s requirements at a cost effective price.


Engaging the services of a professional Security Consultant to produce a complete managed security solution allows your company to focus on its core business. We can manage all aspects of the complete security solution which can include security systems, manned guarding, risk assessments, processes & procedures, staff risk assessments, product risk assessments, supply chain security as well as numerous other services which are available to suit the client’s needs.

The process will involve a complete evaluation of the business’ security requirements followed by development of the security plan in conjunction with company management. The operation, process management, tender, supply and installation of systems will all be managed and controlled on behalf of the client.