Our Mission

At Systematic Security, we want to stop the bad guys from getting into people's homes and businesses and robbing their belongings, vandalising their property and upsetting the owners!


Company Story

In 2009 Systematic Security was set up by Paul Teeling to stop burglars in their tracks.
Paul had worked for many years with large, corporate security companies who operated a  “conveyor belt” type approach to installing
house alarms. The alarms all tended to be identical and it was very much a sales driven process.
And so, not very fulfilled, Paul set up Systematic Security in 2009. Systematic Security comprises a small team of expert security system designers and fitters who listen to their customers and design tailored systems to suit their needs.  
We’ve worked in big buildings and small buildings, offices, shops, warehouses and parking lots.
We don’t just install any old alarm; we design systems to suit our customers and we make each and every alarm the best it can be.




We’re an honest, friendly team who work closely together to give the best service to our customers (they are our best marketing team
after all!)
We value respect, integrity, honesty, and professionalism among our team and in our relationships with our customers.
We take pride in our work and treat everyone we deal with as we'd like to be treated ourselves.



Our Clients

As one of Ireland’s leading providers of commercial and industrial security systems, we work with businesses of all sizes, across all sectors to protect them against theft and break-ins.
Our 20 years’  of experience and our combined knowledge installing bespoke commercial and industrial security systems across a variety of business types ensure you are receiving expert solutions by expert installers.
We are PSA licensed. Our clients range from SMEs to large multinational companies, local authorities and government agencies - restaurants, retails outlets, warehousing & logistics, construction sites, and the list goes on.
On consultation with your company, Systematic Security will assess your property for security risks and design a system for you that suits you.  If you have ane existing system, we may be able to upgrade it for you.




Our customers can be found across all sectors in the community

* Retail Multiples  *  Industrial Warehousing  *  Local Authorities  *  Restaurants  *  Bed & Breakfasts  *  Sport & Leisure facilities 

*  Schools  *  Parking Lot Multiples

Systematic Security for retail alarms