Vandalism and theft by uninvited intruders can plague a business and lead to disruption, damage, theft, financial loss, staff unease and downtime. Systematic Security's integrated security systems will detect and deter intruders within seconds of a security breach ensuring your property, content and staff remain safe and secure.


Whether you're concerned about protecting your home or your business from intruders, the same rationale applies, i.e. install security measures to keep unwanted visitors out.

In the first instance, an intruder alarm will act as a deterrent and a burglar may notice the external bell and move on thereby reducing the chances of a potentially costly break-in should it occur.

Not all intruder alarms are equal. Choosing the right intruder alarm is essential in keeping your building secure.  Your system should be designed to meet your individual property requirements.

Our remote, perimeter security and protection systems are designed to detect intruders before they can even access your property.  They form the first line of defence.  Strategically placed beams and sensors will detect any unauthorised entry and set off alarms bells and send a signal to the monitoring station of persons approaching the premises.  CCTV will record all images in full HD quality and provide evidence to the authorities.

At Systematic Security we only use the highest quality equipment to prevent false alarms or non-activation. We will assess your property and in consultation with you, we will advise on the most appropriate system for your property and your budget.